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Current Music:Hood - (Int) | Powered by Last.fm
Time:03:11 am
Brb.....................im just a kid named voyd.
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Current Music:dZihan & Kamien - Ford Transit | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:there
Subject:Writer's Block: Party Time
Time:05:43 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
What was the last great party you attended?

uhhhhm.....sadly enough it was the 4Th! idk it was a rooftop party it was mad chill i networked with a lot of fashionable peeps.....i felt all grown up lol.....and there was a lot of artsy chix thereee which is my kryptonite.....so that was cool but most of all i got to be with my friends....we blazed b4 | during | after the fireworks thennnn ate @ the greasy spoonnnnn def. a bitchin nite wish you could have been there LJs! :)

-ell or voyd whichever

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Current Music:blank
Current Location:blank
Subject:uhm ya
Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:blankblank


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Current Music:Chester French - She Loves Everybody (Steve Aoki Remix) | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:nigga please
Subject:angels never fly alone
Time:01:03 pm
Current Mood:blahklvbiu


1st shoot
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Current Music:Beastie Boys - High Plains Drifter | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:homee and warm!:)
Subject:Writer's Block: Clothing Options
Time:11:36 pm
When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?

uhmmmm.................. your joking right?
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Current Music:Kris Kross - Jump | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:tol,bg,a bit in ny
Subject:ive been sprayinnnn'
Time:10:38 am
Current Mood:relievedrelieved

(jus sprayin) new tags enjoy:):):

>just stay close

>selfish bitch theory:
voyd unlocks the girls door and walks around the car.the girl will_______.
a.unlock your door
b.unlock your door and open it
c.unlock your door ,open it and push the door


>reminiscing on heavy dreams in between awakenings.

>handing out power blankets to the sicker.

>rebuilding eye-water damaged hard drive memories of you.

>dousing recovery statements with cheap alcohol

>VOYD the nebular theory

>describe color to a blind man


>false bliss

>promise me you will be there

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Current Music:N*E*R*D - Lapdance | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:studioooooooooo
Subject:Fights And Stripes
Time:05:04 am
Current Mood:frustrated?

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Current Music:Kenna - Say Goodbye to Love | Powered by Last.fm
Current Location:studio
Subject:Welcome to LiveJournal
Time:12:00 am
Current Mood:creative
1. What have you been doing recently?
updating my wardrobe mostly

2. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?

3. What happened at 10am today?
i wass workinout

4. When did you last cry?
uhmmm...like summerish

5. Believe in fate/destiny?
i believe in god and future

6. What do you need in your life now?

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or put up your hood?
throw yo hood up trick!

8. What's your favourite thing to do on the bed?
Listen to music,think,pray,read....shit like that

9. What bottoms are you wearing now?
new black skinnys

10. What's the nicest things?
warm comfy socks

11. Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?

12. Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
lol yah the friends x-small logo tee...bcus im fitter!

13. What was the last movie you caught?

14. What are you proud of?
having real ppl around me...lol even tho theres only like 5 of us!

15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
ell answer your fuckin phone!

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?

17. Do you have any nicknames?
they call me ell

18. What does the newest text say?
i missss u!..ugrh why don't u want to hangout?!do you have gf or somthing?!

19. What time did you go to bed last night?
i didnt

20. Are you currently happy?
Not all the way ya kno........id b lyin if i sed yah

21. Who gives you the best advise?
the best friend and the bother

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
fuck ya

23. Who did you talk on the phone last night?
my grannie

24. Is something bugging you now?

25. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
uhmm..like hardcore......Hannah
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[icon] purplebanana
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (My Website).
You're looking at the latest 8 entries.